The European Super League is falling apart and everyone is making the same joke about Tottenham

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Monday 10th of May 2021

The European Super League is falling apart and everyone is making the same joke about Tottenham

  • The proposed European Super League is falling apart by the minute.

  • Several founding members, including Manchester City and Chelsea, have backed out of the new league.

  • On Twitter, many fans made the same joke at the expense of Tottenham Hotspur.

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The proposed European Super League has fallen apart just as quickly as it came together.


Just two days after the announcement of the new league shook the sporting world, the Super League is already in disarray. Several of the clubs meant to be foundational members of the new league going back on their commitment, sending fans into celebration.

Critics of the new league also had plenty of jokes as the league fell before their eyes, and one club was the clear punchline: Tottenham Hotspur.

Tottenham's inclusion in the Super League was rather dubious to many onlookers from the start, given that the club has had a pretty rough recent history in terms of trophies. Spurs haven't won the top-flight league title since 1961, and have won just one trophy - a League Cup in 2008 - since 1991.

While Tottenham remain a solid team in the Premier League and even made a Champions League Final in 2019, they have little hardware to show for it.

So of course as teams began to announce that they'd withdrawn from the Super League, there were some jokes to be made.

Other teams had pulled out of the competition, but Spurs had yet to make an announcement - could this finally be the title Tottenham could win?


-Dean1 (@Dean_22222) April 20, 2021


-BlackHart (@BlackHartSTP) April 20, 2021


-Gooner Adam 🔴⚪️ (@AdzCampbell91) April 20, 2021


-Danny (@dannywatty) April 20, 2021


-A-A-Ron (@ajshapi1) April 20, 2021


-ChiTownGuy (@ChiTwn_Guy) April 20, 2021

Thankfully for Spurs supporters, they'll have a legitimate reason to stop the jokes soon. On Sunday, Tottenham will take on Manchester City in the League Cup final, with a chance to finally lift a trophy once again.

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