Easy steps to create an acct on CashOutNews.com watch (video)

Total Members : 202,251
Thursday 29th of July 2021

Easy steps to create an acct on CashOutNews.com watch (video)

Registration Guidelines

  • Click On the registration button on the top menu bar
  • Fill The Form
  • On a successful Registration, you will be directed to a login page
  • Enter your login credentials To gain access to the platform

Account Activation Guidelines

  • After Registration and Login
  • You will be directed to a page where you can activate your account to start earning
  • In There you will choose from two methods of activation
  • 1. Buying a coupon from our site vendor
  • After which a coupon code will be sent to you which will be used to activate acount Or
  • 2. Direct Debit Card Payment
  • This will charge you directly from your debit card
  • On Successful Transaction on any of the Activation Method, Your acount will be activated for you
  • Where you will be given access to earn on our platform

Earning Guidelines

  • You can Earn through a lot of activities
  • Reading news on the platform
  • Comment on the platfrom
  • Watching a video post
  • On every Daily Login made
  • Also through referals and more.

What are Referals

Referals are the individuals you invited to join the platform, Note! As a verified user you will be given a referal link which all invited users will register through your link. you earn ₦1000 for each referal you make.You can find your referal link on your profile page at the account menu

Withdrawals and Payment

  • The Withdrawal Portals are opened from sunday 12am - friday 11pm
  • And are closed on saturday
  • All Payments are made to our users every saturday
  • To be able to place a withdraw request you need to refer a minimum of two people weekly
  • Any withdrawal made are deposited to the bank account provided to us during the users registration
  • You can update your bank details at any time if necessary

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