I Will Chew You Raw If You Speak Ill Of Oyedepo - Ibiyeomie Warns

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Friday 28th of January 2022

I Will Chew You Raw If You Speak Ill Of Oyedepo - Ibiyeomie Warns

Pastor David Ibiyeomie, the General Overseer of Salvation Ministries, Port Harcourt, has issued a note of warning to those who speak ill of Bishop David Oyedepo.

Ibiyeomie said Oyedepo and other top men of God are to be honoured and not to be disrespected or spoken evil against.

“You must honour them in your heart. It is more of connectivity than proximity. You can be close to somebody does not mean you honour him. There are people who honour me who have never met me and there are those who are very close to me that don’t honour me.

“That you are close to somebody does not mean you honour the person. Honour has nothing to do with proximity. It has to do with connectivity. It is heart to heart. I have never gone physically before Oyedepo to do eye service.

“I have never knelt down to greet him. I am not from there. That is their culture. Here, when we respect someone, it is from inside. You can lie down there in hypocrisy and after the person is gone, you stand up and say, “Oloshi ni e* (He is unfortunate person),” 
he said.

Ibiyeomie stated that honour is not how one knelt down, but a heart issue and that it is more of the heart than physical display.

“You can lie down on the ground and have no honour. I’ve seen people who said they will die with Oyedepo and still turn around to abuse him. I honour him to a point that you can’t talk about him negatively where I am.

“You are not born to talk about him. I will chew you raw. Our heart is the part that connect us to the flow of prophetic blessings,
” he added.

Ibiyeomie also said there was no way he could compare himself to Oyedepo as he is far bigger and that there was no way Oyedepo could could compare himself with Pastor Enoch Adeboye as he is bigger in anointing.

“Preachers, there are preachers. Shoes get size. It will be stupid for me to think I am mate with Oyedepo or Oyedepo should think he is mate with Adeboye. Shoe get size. Everybody knows his size. Don’t just wag your tongue about people that are not your mate.

“I don’t even talk about Oyedepo in secret. I don’t even discuss him. I don’t want to know. He is a man of God. If you say you have seen fault, it is your own business,
” he stated.

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