Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Wins Re-election But Falls Short of a Majority
Dozens Of Soldiers Arrested As Sudan Military Foils Coup Attempt
China will punish its own companies if they break laws in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Afghan banks are running out of cash and are begging the Taliban for more money after the US froze nearly $10 billion in assets
Youngest son of Osama bin Laden feels only shame and horror for fathers actions
Tanzanian president defends state of democracy under her rule
Leader of Islamic State in Sahara has been killed, Macron says
Rwandan ex-army officer gunned down in Mozambique
Two women campaign to become Frances 1st female president
Tanzania Gets First Woman Defence Minister
African Union Suspends Guineas Membership In The Wake Of Military Coup
Donald Trump Blows Hot, Says He would Beat Joe Biden In A Boxing Match
Americas First Lady, Jill Biden Leaves White House To Work Full-time As A Teacher
1-year-old Girl Found Alive After 3 Nights In Cave Where Kidnapper Tried To Sacrifice Her
Officials: Gadhafi son freed after 7-plus years in detention
Guinea Coup Leaders Announce Nationwide Curfew
Tragedy As Taliban Kill Pregnant Policewoman In Front Of Family, Mutilate Her Face (Photo)
North Korea Rejects Offer Of Almost Three Million COVID-19 Jabs From China
Terrified Afghan TV Presenter Reads The News While Surrounded By Gun-Toting Talibans
U.S. Drone Strike in Afghanistan Kills Multiple Suicide Bombers Targeting Kabul Airport
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